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Dear Reader,

I’m regularly being asked to speak to families, schools, and other groups about autism. It’s a privilege to do so. However, I cannot help but think that what I say is painting a complex and detailed picture with very broad strokes. I give an overview, a list of characteristics, symptoms, behaviors, maybe a few examples. Wouldn’t it be so much more powerful and meaningful to to give stories? THIS IS AN AMAZING EXAMPLE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejpWWP1HNGQ

If you would, I’d love to hear stories from you about “your autism” (written or through video/audio). Specifically how autism effects you/your child’s everyday life, sensory experiences, choices, behaviors, interactions with others, interests in things or activities, ability to sleep, emotions, sense of self, things that make you/them uniquely you/them. I’m looking for the good and the bad. The amazing and the amazingly challenging. And anything in between. I’d like to eventually translate these stories into other languages, specifically for some of the refugee families I work who struggle to find appropriate translation for some of the autism lingo of today. This would contribute in a major way to helping these families and all individuals better understand their child.

I’m calling this intimate collection of profiles “My Autism”. It will stand beside and sometimes in place of the ubiquitous lists of symptoms and characteristics that too often solely define Autism. I’d love to collect as many of these stories as possible and begin presenting them to schools, doctors offices, community centers, and any group or individual willing to listen, to help build a more accurate and nuanced understanding of autism and those impacted by it.

Please email these stories to me directly at: spectrumshareconsulting@gmail.com


Anthony Miriello, Spectrumshare

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