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Not so long ago, we were working on daycare drop off with my son. This is no easy task, for many reasons that can only be understood when you experience them yourself. My wife and I decided that we’d try using cartooning to introduce the idea of this change to him. We created a simple drawing together – illustrating the new routine and how it was different from the old.

This is it:

Daycare pic

As you can see, this was done hastily and on whatever paper we had around. The illustration is intentionally simple. It communicates that we will get into the car, walk into the school together, see all the kids and teachers playing in the classroom, and then mommy will leave. The car on the bottom illustrates that mommy will pick him up. The scribbling on the classroom image is my son’s addition to the drawing, done while we were reviewing it. This by no means makes this new change easy and bump-free, but what it does is prepare him for the transition so that he is not blindsided. By doing this, we reaffirm his trust in us, even during upsetting and unsettling times. We’ve found that simple prep cartoons like this, whether it be for school, changing to a big boy bed from a crib, or even weaning from breastfeeding, has been very effective in communicating a change.


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